The three E’s

All of our installations are built to make the most of the rainwater. We do not waste a single drop. Our solar panels cover our own energy requirements. In a nutshell: we are going all out to be energy-neutral. We fertilise our plantations and combat pests the eco-friendly way.

Long-standing experience, which means we know exactly what each tree and each plant needs. Both during the growing process and later on, once they are at their final destination. Our team of professionals guides customers in making the right choices. With efficiency and solid advice. Always with an eye on the future and the climatic changes to be expected.

We are who we are. We are in our element, loyal to our roots and our philosophy. Which revolve entirely around 100 % self-directed natural management. We handle the growing process ourselves and permanently optimise our soil by way of annual analyses. Suppliers are expected to comply with strict quality requirements and show proof of at least the same degree of expertise and tradecraft.

“Together, these 3 components are the foundations of Appeltans Tree Nursery, our substrate.
As rich as the Limburg soil. And a quality guarantee you can depend on.”
Mariska Lathouwers