Fifty shades of green

Flamboyant decorative plants and discrete ground covers. Majestic fruit giants and athletic wall climbers. Our range is endless. Yet we continue to see the wood through the trees. In our line of work, it is all about the details. And tonnes of love. From day one, we lavish care, attention and our know-how on the carefully selected planting stock. Running a nursery requires a lot of hands. Our team works day in day out to tend to the plants with a lot of love and affection. Making sure they are solidly rooted in the soil after a few years. Ready to be moved to a new home.

Ground covers
Ornamental grasses


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The art of planting comes with its fair share of tricks of the trade. Please do not hesitate to ask us for tips and advice to be inspired. We are happy to throw the gates of our nursery wide open. Come over, browse, watch, enjoy and pick the trees and plants best suited to your project. We will throw in our professional advice free of charge for good measure. If you are coming in on the E313 motorway, head down exit 30 and you will find yourself in our green oasis in no time. See you soon

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